Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If I Were King of the United States

Another Topic du Jour.

We would all live in the projects. There would be no such thing as private houses anymore. All the projects would have the same basic design, structure, materials, etc. The rent would be thirty percent of your income.

Five years of college or a bachelor's degree (whichever comes first) would be mandatory and funded in much the same way as the rest of the public school system. Which would mean that by the SAT/ACT standards of most state universities, there would be none of the functionally illiterate high school graduates that are running around now.

Military service would be mandatory for two years after high school and before college, because a.) you never know when you might need a largish standing army and b.) you value citizenship more when you have to defend it. Pacifists will be given non-combat duties but still expected to serve. People who want to stay in the military will have that option after college.

Voting at the state and national levels would be mandatory. Anyone not voting would be subject to double taxes.

Community service would be mandatory. At least eight hours a month volunteering at any non-profit organization.

Everyone would have Medicaid. To hell with the insurance companies.

...More later. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day and it's way past my bedtime.