Friday, August 21, 2009

Topic du Jour: Politics

Another TdJ because I promised myself I would do this daily and I'm sick as a dog, so originality is not my friend today.

Getting to the point, then. I'm a little irritated with our president. I like him. I voted for him. So far, he's tried to get things done that need to be done. He started out in a horrible position and has handled it pretty well so far. Just think what dubyuh would be doing right now if he were still in charge...yeah.

But I'm irritated on three fronts. First, the health care thing. It's one of those things whose time has come. All he had to do was keep laying the shame on Congress, maybe make a few PSAs to drive things home. But no. Now we're waiting.

Second, the gun thing. This is America. We need our guns. We feel all puny and insignificant without them. And - most telling - they would be in our hands were they legal or not. So, he needs to get up on a podium and make it clear. Something along the lines of, "I'm not going to try to take away your guns. Period. Now quit bringing them to my speeches."

And third. I sent an email to the white house not too long ago and requested an answer (some links to information on pending legislation). To be honest all I expected was a form letter thanking me for my interest and so on. Instead, I got a piece of propaganda that had only the slightest bearing on what I had asked. The same one my wife got when she asked for a response on a completely different issue. Seriously? Is our government so cheap that they let volunteers do this? Or an automated system? This is what we can expect from the most technically literate president we've ever had?

For shame. I'm gonna vote for Cthulu next time around.


Chester said...

Well, just read this one, and I guess looking in from the outside so to speak (from the UK), you do seem to have had a massive improvement in what you had before.

I guess all things take time, maybe the experience you & your wife have had should be documented with local politicians to raise?

Not sure if it works like it does over here.

Good blog though, not really into the Politics thing, but it got my attention anyway!

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